Company Description and History

Chase, Jones & Associates

Chase, Jones & Associates is a team of professional surveyors who bring a century of surveying excellence to the clients it serves. The result of that century of surveying excellence is a unique database of Oregon land records dating back to the 1880’s. The collection of approximately 50,000 drawings, plats and notes, available only at Chase, Jones & Associates, was acquired from the practice initiated in 1885 by the pioneer surveyor, R.S. Greenleaf. With the culmination of Greenleaf’s work in 1915 came the inheritance of his records by the Marshall Brothers who for the next 40 years added substantially to the already impressive collection.

Amassing and preserving these records continued between 1957 and 1977 during which time the collection was maintained by the firm of Booth & Wright. Since 1977, the archives have been maintained by Seton, Johnson & Odell and Chase, Jones & Associates. Here the collection representing 120 years of Oregon history the professional work of three respected surveying firms, is preserved for use by Chase, Jones & Associates staff of registered surveyors. Chase, Jones & Associates is pledged to continue the century old practice of excellence.

Chase, Jones & Associates’ present staff of 11 consists of two field crews, three office staff who perform the calculation reductions and review the field notes, two draftsmen who prepare the necessary documents for projects, and two project managers, directed by Erric Jones & Oran Abbott.

The two field crews consist of four people and all of them could be used as party chiefs in a case of emergency. This enables Chase, Jones & Associates the opportunity to put additional crews in the field with reliable people that have experience and know what to do.

Today, surveying and mapping remain important elements of any land development project whether the solution to the problem is a brief legal description or a complex feasibility study. Chase, Jones & Associates is committed to the delivery of the full scope of services listed below: